Penny Vodka $75.00
Looking for a grape-based vodka that's smooth, clean, and crisp? Look no further than Granddad Jack's signature Penny Vodka! This vodka is perfect for those looking for a premium vodka experience and can be enjoyed neat or in our signature cocktails. Made to complement our spirits offering in the Tasting Room, Granddad Jack's Penny Vodka is a must-try for any vodka enthusiast. Granddad Jack's Penny Vodka is the perfect base for any of your favourite cocktails and a must-have spirit to add to any home bar. So why not order yours today and experience this grape-based vodka's smooth and delicious taste? Don't forget to try it in our signature cocktails, too! With its unique flavour profile, it's sure to take your favourite cocktails to the next level. Order yours today and experience the true taste of our Penny Vodka. ABV: 40%
Glassware Gift Pack from $110.00
A handcrafted gift crate for the gin-loving person in your life. We've put together the ultimate gift pack with all the things they'll need to celebrate.  We've done all the planning for you with this hand-packed gift crate, the only decision you have to make is whether they'll prefer our crystal cut tumbler glasses or coupes with their favourite Granddad Jack's spirit.  The Spirit & Glassware Gift Pack includes: Your choice of either our Granddad Jack's award-winning spirits, including 65 Miles Gin, Two Pencils Gin, Greenhouse Gin, Barbershop Coffee Liqueur or Penny Vodka & your choice glassware.  1 x 500ml bottle of our award-winning Spirits  2 x Glasses (choose either the Crystal Cut Tumblers or Coupe Glasses) 2 x Granddad Jack's Coasters 1 x Handmade Wooden Crate by Local Legend Roy Complimentary Gift Wrapping Tasting Notes & Cocktail Recipe Card We also have a Gin & Tonic Pack available. 
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