At Granddad Jacks, we have one of the most extensive and awarded craft spirits ranges, including three flagship gins, single barrel whiskey, grape-based vodka, the world's best coffee liqueur & two new limited releases every month.

Greenhouse Gin from $30.00
Looking for a smooth and easy-to-drink gin that's perfect for any occasion? Granddad Jack's Greenhouse Gin, also known as our "gateway gin," is a must-try! With a 37.5% ABV, this botanical gin is light and clean and has a gentle botanical list that includes cucumber, rosehip, lemon myrtle, grapefruit peel, and juniper. Our Greenhouse Gin has a relaxed and soothing taste that's perfect for a picnic on the hill or while gardening on a hot summer's day. It's a refreshing gin that's perfect for a Sunday session with friends or family and tastes just like a beachside gin should. If you're new to gin or have had a negative experience with the spirit in the past, our Contemporary Gin is the perfect choice to give it another try. It's a light and refreshing gin that's sure to convert even the most sceptical gin drinkers. So why not try Granddad Jack's Contemporary Gin today and experience the taste of a true Australian gin? Available in 37.5% ABV in Australia, UK, and NZ, and 40% ABV in the USA.ABV: 37.5% (Australia, UK & NZ) 40% (USA) CATEGORY: Contemporary, Botanical. BOTANICAL LIST: Juniper, Grapefruit Peel, Lemon Myrtle, Rose Hip, Cucumber
Two Pencils Gin 500ml from $32.00
Looking for a premium gin experience that's smooth, rich, and full of proper juniper tones? Granddad Jack's Two Pencils Gin is the just-juniper gin you've been craving. This regular gold medal recipient is a must-try for any London Dry enthusiast, with an ABV of 40% and a much-coveted 'just-juniper' flavour. Enhanced with citrus or sweet liqueurs, this gin is the perfect base for any cocktail creation. But if you're a purist at heart, you'll love sipping on this just-juniper gin in a classic G&T with fresh cucumber and ice. ABV: 40%Category: London DryBotanical List: Juniper, Juniper & more Juniper
65 Miles Gin from $34.00
Looking for a gin that's bold and full of flavour? With a 57% ABV, our 65 Miles Gin is exactly that. With a unique blend of botanicals, including juniper, cinnamon, cardamom, clove, orange and star anise, this spice blend is a fierce but worthy assault on the senses.  After 28 iterations, 65 Miles Gin is a full-flavoured experience that whisky lovers and gin enthusiasts will adore. Think spice heat, but not an unfriendly clash with juniper and instead a balanced and beautiful blend that would make the perfect companion for any adventure, whether it's a BBQ with friends or a 65-mile trek in New Zealand. This crowd favourite and gold medal-winning gin is served best with either East Imperial Grapefruit Tonic or Long Rays Pacific Tonic, ice, and a dehydrated orange garnish. And for those who are up to the challenge, you can even try sipping it over ice. So why not sit down, sip, and savour the perfect blend of heat, spice and juniper? It's sure to impress and delight even the most discerning gin enthusiasts.  ABV: 57% Category: Navy-StrengthBotanical List: Juniper, Cardamom, Star Anise, Cinnamon, Clove, Orange Peel  
Barbershop Coffee Liqueur $70.00
Granddad Jack's Barbershop Coffee Liqueur is a delightfully delicious liqueur made using locally sourced coffee from Burleigh Head's based roaster, Social Espresso. Infused with Coconut, Vanilla, Eucalyptus, and Cinnamon.  This liqueur won a Double Gold Medal and the title of "World's Best Coffee Liqueur" at the San Francisco World Spirits Awards and has continued to be a regular gold and double gold medal recipient.Carefully crafted, distilled, bottled, labelled and waxed by our family, this coffee liqueur has a smooth and rich flavour that is perfect for sipping or mixing into cocktails. The locally sourced coffee gives it a unique flavour profile that is both bold and smooth. At the same time, the infusion of coconut, vanilla, eucalyptus, and cinnamon creates a subtle sweetness and depth of flavour. The result is a truly exceptional coffee liqueur that has won over judges and drinkers alike. So whether you're a coffee lover or simply looking for a delicious new liqueur to try, indulge in the World's Best Coffee Liqueur and enjoy Granddad Jack's Barbershop Coffee Liqueur. It's a must-have addition to any home bar.  Appreciate the taste of a true Australian coffee liqueur, and enjoy it as a velvety nightcap, in an espresso martini, or simply on the rocks. Try it today and experience the award-winning taste of Granddad Jack's Barbershop Coffee Liqueur. ABV: 25%Category: Coffee LiqueurIngredients: Coffee, Coconut, Vanilla, Eucalyptus, Cinnamon

Book A Distillery Tour

On a distillery tour, enjoy a Gin & Tonic on arrival and complimentary tastings of our three flagship gins as we take you through a tour of the distillery and the history of Granddad Jack.

Saturday & Sunday times are available at both our Gold Coast & Brisbane locations. Bookings are essential.


Make Your Own Gin

As the first of its kind in South East Queensland, our 4hr distillery experience will guide you as you choose your own botanicals & learn to distil using one of our custom-made 2L copper stills. Includes dinner & drinks & your 500ml bottle of bespoke gin.

Available on selected weeknights at the Gold Coast distillery. Bookings are essential.



Every month we release a new limited release spirit, available until sold out. Try them before they're gone...

Barrel Aged 65 Miles Gin (2024) $120.00
Since opening in 2018, barrel-aged spirits have been part of an ongoing project at Granddad Jack’s. Our barrels have housed micro-batch gins, whiskeys, and traditional cocktails like the Negroni, Manhattan, and Martini. Today, we release our 5th edition of the Barrel Aged 65 Miles Gin. What began as an experiment five and a half years ago has now become one of our most anticipated barrel-aged projects. After successfully maturing previous batches in 20L and 50L barrels, this is our first batch, aged in a 100L barrel. Yielding only 88 bottles, this release is a truly limited and unique experience that you won’t want to miss out on.   If you have tried our core range 65 Miles Gin, this is something you'll truly appreciate as this navy-strength gin was matured in a virgin, medium char 100L American Oak barrel for 1 year and 3 months.  We hope you enjoy this release as much as we loved making it.  ABV: 57% Tasting Notes: Nose: Sandalwood, Dried fruit, Cinnamon Spice, Bitter Orange Zest and ColaPalate: Cinnamon Spice, Christmas Pudding, Fruit Mince, Cola Lollies, WaxxyIngredients: Cardamom, Cinnamon, Star Anise, Cloves, Orange Peel, Juniper Berries Serving Suggestion: On the rocks or topped up with soda, ice and a fresh orange slice. You can also enjoy this in a classic Negroni. Signature Cocktail: BLOOD ORANGE FIZZEvery bottle purchase includes a complimentary tasting card and recipes. You can also enjoy one of our two signature cocktails at the Gold Coast tasting room this weekend, including "NAVY GUNFIRE".  
Sold out
Fantales Spirit $95.00
Get ready to indulge in the taste of your childhood with the release of our latest Notalgia Project Limited Release, Fantales Spirit.   We have meticulously crafted Fantales Spirit to evoke the sweet sensations of yesteryears. Fantales, a beloved childhood favourite among Aussies, is renowned for its decadent caramel goodness. Now, despite its sad discontinuation, we’ve managed to secure a precious stash of this chocolate gold to create an exceptionally limited release that promises to reignite fond memories with every sip. Don’t ask us how we acquired this sought-after candy; we’ll never tell! Our aim with Fantales Spirit is to transport you back to the carefree days of childhood, where the simple pleasure of unwrapping a Fantales lolly brought immense joy. We’ve combined the luxurious sweetness of caramel with the smoothness of vanilla, adding a touch of salt to elevate the complexity and deliver an unparalleled drinking experience. Fantales Spirit is the latest addition to our portfolio of crafted spirits. It is designed to delight the senses and evoke nostalgia with every sip. Remember opening a Fantales wrapper and having sticky fingers afterwards? Don’t worry—you’ll still experience the same flavours without the mess! We were not so fortunate in the process of making it. Each bottle of Fantales Spirit is a testament to our commitment to quality and craftsmanship, ensuring that every moment spent indulging in this delectable concoction is a journey back to simpler times. Available in extremely limited quantities, Fantales Spirit is set to become a must-have for savvy Granddad Jack’s collectors and connoisseurs alike. Whether enjoyed neat or over ice or as a decadent addition to cocktails, Fantales Spirit promises to captivate the palate and leave a lasting impression. We hope you enjoy this release as much as we loved making it.  ABV: 40% Tasting Notes: Nose: Buttery, toffee, malt, vanilla ice-cream, baked chocolatePalate: Chewy caramel, vanilla, light hints of bitter dark chocolate with a cream rounded mouth feelIngredients: Chocolate melts, cocoa butter, cream, chocolate rice cereal, dark chocolate, butter caramel Serving Suggestion: On the rocks, with milk, in an affogato, spider, or with a sweet soda (creaming soda or lemonade). Signature Cocktail: WHO AM I? Every bottle purchase includes a complimentary tasting card and recipes. You can also enjoy one of our two signature cocktails at the Gold Coast and Brisbane tasting room this weekend, including "THE FINAL TALE".  
Sold out
Apple Pie
Moonshine Batch #2
Re-Introducing our sought-after recipe that you never saw coming back: Apple Pie Moonshine! This product was our first limited release back in 2019, and it vanished off shelves in just one weekend. It was in such high demand from Granddad Jack collectors that to this day, we’ve heard a few deals in the making… Crafted with care, our signature recipe pays homage to how it was done in the 1800s, ensuring every sip is a journey back to the heart of prohibition-era moonshining.Unlock the essence of homemade comfort with every sip. Immerse your senses in the aroma of fresh poached apples, swirling with the sweet tanginess of baked apple pie. Delight in the buttery embrace of shortbread pastry kissed with the warmth of nutmeg and cinnamon. Each taste lingers on the palate, leaving behind a delicious memory of toffee apples. Don't miss your chance to relive the legend that is Apple Pie Moonshine. Grab yours now before it disappears once more. 🍏🥧🌙 Too good you’ll want to steal a piece of the pie and hide it for yourself. We hope you enjoy this release as much as we loved making it.  ABV: 30% Tasting Notes: Nose: Fresh poached apples, toffee spice and the tangy but sweet smell of baked apple pie.Palate: Buttery shortbread pastry with warming notes of comforting nutmeg and spiced cinnamon and a mouth-lingering taste of toffee apples.Ingredients: Sorghum High-Proof Spirit Blended with Fresh Apple Juice, Gala Smith Apples, Apple Cider, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Shortbread Biscuits and Brown Sugar. Serving Suggestion: Enjoy this unique blend on the rocks or with fresh, cloudy apple juice. You can even add a dash to Nanna's Apple Pie for a boozy after-dinner dessert or in an apple puree.  Signature Cocktail: THERE’S NO MOONSHINE WHEN IT’S STORMY Every bottle purchase includes a complimentary tasting card and recipes. You can also enjoy one of our two signature cocktails at the Gold Coast and Brisbane tasting room this weekend, including This Ain’t Texas.  
Pavlova Gin 2023 $95.00
Returning for the fifth year, this seasonal release Pavlova Gin is sure to be a welcome guest at the dessert table.  Inspired by a traditional Summer Christmas staple, the classic Pavlova! Think meringue, vanilla, passionfruit, kiwi fruit, strawberries, cream & juniper. Get your friends and family into this Christmas spirit... pour a dash into the cream for a boozy Pavlova or create a jug with fresh fruits & lemonade or soda to share.  We've created the ultimate Christmas Gin and a list of recipes for you to try this festive season. Get amongst it before it's gone. We hope you love this release as much as we loved creating it.  Release Date: 16th November 2023 ABV: 40% Tasting Notes: Nose: Sweet vanilla and cream, fresh kiwi fruit peel.  Palate: Creamy vanilla and sugary liquorice with meringue hints, followed by crisp kiwi and passionfruit tangy notes. Rounded with sweet cream and fresh fruit, leaving a lingering juniper dry finish. Ingredients: Meringue, Juniper, Strawberry, Kiwi, Vanilla, Brown Sugar, Liquorice Root, Cream, Passionfruit. Serving Suggestion: Best served with an Indian tonic or simple soda and fresh fruit, or to punch up your favourite sparkling wine as a spritz, with gin, ice, wine, and fresh fruit. Signature Cocktail: Extra Pav Sour (try it at your local tasting room, or at home). Every bottle purchase includes a complimentary tasting card and recipes. 

Welcome to Granddad Jack's


Granddad Jack's Craft Distillery is the Gold Coast's first and only craft Gin, Vodka, Whiskey & Liqueur distillery located just two minutes walk from North Burleigh beach.

We have proudly won over 100 international and national prestigious awards for our spirits and distillery bars since opening in August 2018 and invite you to join us on a distillery tour or casual visit of our Tasting Room to try for yourself.

Production is on full show to visitors and tours are available over the weekend. We host a private distillery experience each week where you can make your own bottle of gin and enjoy an evening sipping and making gin with our Head Distiller.

We're family-friendly, dog friendly and within walking distance of some amazing local breweries & eateries, so you can make a day of it when you visit our Gold Coast distillery and bar.

Open Thursday to Sunday every week. Walk-ins welcome, bookings recommended.

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Welcome to Granddad Jack's


Granddad Jack's Craft Distillery is Brisbane's newest neighbourhood craft Gin, Whiskey, Vodka & Liqueur Distillery located in the industrial backstreets of Albion. Bringing award-winning spirits to the already thriving craft culture in Brisbane, we're passionate about creating the ultimate experience as we create super-premium spirits in memory of our Granddad Jack.

We're very proud to have won multiple prestigious awards since opening our Gold Coast Tasting Room & Distillery in August 2018 and invite you to join us on a tour or visit the Brisbane Tasting Room to try for yourself.

Open Friday to Sunday every week. Walk-ins welcome, bookings recommended.

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Granddad Jack's Craft Distillery presents it's very first Australian Bar Experience located in the heart of Hunter Street, Newcastle.

We invite you to come, sit down and enjoy a drink in your home away from home.

This is a small, city bar with limited seating. Book a table, or chance it with a walk-in.

Open Tuesday to Saturday every week.

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Founded by the father and son team, David & Luke Ridden, Granddad Jack's Craft Distillery came about from a trip to the USA. The pair discovered and enjoyed community-centric bars that cultivated a sense of community, uniqueness and belonging. With a passion for craft spirits, the trip cemented the idea of launching a neighbourhood-based distillery in honour of their grandfather, Granddad Jack, a man known for his resilience, loyal friendship, integrity, and hard work.

Granddad Jacks Craft Distillery is inspired by his story and driven by the same old-fashioned values and ethos he went through life with.

With two established Queensland distilleries & international expansion into New Zealand, Singapore, Norway, Fiji, Japan, China and North America, our Australian handcrafted spirits are being enjoyed around the world.

Single barrel


Granddad Jack loved whiskey and enjoyed one 'neat' every day. He believed that "all great spirits should be drunk neat", and we make sure all of our single-barrel whiskey releases meet those standards.

Shop online or visit your local Granddad Jack's distillery for a premium Australian whiskey experience.


Granddad Jack loved whiskey and enjoyed one 'neat' every day. He believed that "all great spirits should be drunk neat", and we make sure all of our single-barrel whiskey releases meet those standards.


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