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On a distillery tour, enjoy a Gin & Tonic on arrival and complimentary tastings of our three flagship gins as we take you through a tour of the distillery and the history of Granddad Jack.

Saturday & Sunday times are available at both our Gold Coast & Brisbane locations. Bookings are essential.


Make Your Own Gin

As the first of its kind in South East Queensland, our 4hr distillery experience will guide you as you choose your own botanicals & learn to distil using one of our custom-made 2L copper stills. Includes dinner & drinks & your 500ml bottle of bespoke gin.

Available on selected weeknights at the Gold Coast distillery. Bookings are essential.


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Join our experienced mixologists for the ultimate cocktail masterclass and an evening of making and enjoying craft cocktails. This guided experience will introduce you to the art of making delicious craft cocktails and take your home bartending to the next level. 

Available on weeknights at the Brisbane distillery. Bookings are essential.



Every month we release a new limited release spirit, available until sold out. Try them before they're gone...

PRE-ORDER Pink on Pink Gin 2024 $95.00
This year, the Pink on Pink Gin will only be available for purchase during the preorder. Pre-orders will close on the 24th April 2024. Five years ago, Luke created our very first batch of pink gin in honour of his partner, Jess, who became a mum for the first time, and to celebrate the other incredible mothers and grandmothers in his life. Our Mother's Day Pink on Pink Gin Seasonal Release is here, and it's our best one yet.   We infused Pink Lady Apples, Ruby Grapefruit, Rhubarb, Pomegranate, Watermelon, and Juniper to create a mum-worthy gin that's as delicious as it looks. From its natural pink hue to the custom label artwork and collector's pink bottle, this release is something to be treasured and celebrated, just like Mum. Pink on Pink Gin is soft, floral and citrusy. As always, it's naturally coloured using the freshest and brightest pomegranates and produced and bottled by our family distillery with care. We hope you and your Mum get to enjoy this deliciously smooth tipple as much as we loved making it. ABV: 37%Botanicals: Juniper, Watermelon, Pink Lady Apples, Rhubarb, Ruby Grapefruit Tasting Notes: Nose: Fresh, citrus and floral. Palate: Soft, floral and citrusy.  Serving Suggestion: Enjoy this delicious gin with Long Rays Tonic or a Grapefruit Tonic, or in one of our signature cocktail recipes.  Signature Cocktail: Pink Dove. Every bottle purchase includes a complimentary tasting card and recipes. 
Pineapple, Jalapeno & Yuzu Vodka $95.00
Dive into an unparalleled fusion of flavours with our Yuzu, Pineapple & Jalapeño Vodka. Expertly crafted for those with a taste for adventure, this vodka combines yuzu and pineapple’s exotic zest with the bold kick of jalapeño peppers.  Before distilling, we macerated fresh yuzu fruit and char-grilled pineapples to create a citrus and sweet vodka. Then, post-distillation, we reduced the vodka with water & fresh yuzu juice and let the jalapeños macerate to spice things up! Enjoy this unique blend on the rocks, garnished with a lime wedge, or elevate your experience by adding tonic or soda. Perfect for a bold twist on margaritas and frozen drinks, this vodka is designed to inspire creativity and bring a vibrant kick to any cocktail creation. We hope you enjoy this release as much as we loved making it.  ABV: 37% Tasting Notes: Nose: Zesty, sweet oily Citrus, piquant capsicum jalapeno.Palate: Sweet, heat-spiced-warming jalapeno followed by mellowed pineapple and zesty fresh yuzu citrus Serving Suggestion: Enjoy this unique blend on the rocks, garnished with a lime wedge, or elevate your experience by adding tonic or soda. Perfect for a bold twist on margaritas and frozen drinks, this vodka is designed to inspire creativity and bring a vibrant kick to any cocktail creation. Signature Cocktail: Yuzu-Chelada Every bottle purchase includes a complimentary tasting card and recipes. You can also try the Orient-Rita and Anana Mule at the Gold Coast and Brisbane distillery bar experience.
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Kelly's To Chai For Gin $95.00
Back in 2019, we launched the very first Make Your Own Gin night in the country, and we’ve been very lucky to welcome over 500 people to this monthly sold-out experience. When you book a spot at the gin-making night, not only do you get the entire distillery to yourself and only five other people, but you also get to make your very own 500ml bottle of gin. After choosing your own botanicals, distilling the spirit, labelling, and waxing the bottle, you get to take home and brag all about the gin you’ve just made (all while enjoying dinner, drinks, and a distillery tour with our Head Distiller). At the end of the evening, you leave a small sample with us to later enter a competition—a competition to make your gin on a bigger scale and have your very own Limited Release at Granddad Jack’s. We are very proud to announce that Kelly Black is the very first winner of our Make Your Own Gin nights competition, and out of over 500 samples, she took out the top spot to have her very own gin released. From the recipe to distillation, the design on the label and the cocktails you’ll enjoy, Kelly has been part of the entire process, bringing to life her very own story to share with you all. Introducing “To Chai For” Gin, a unique blend inspired by the desire to create a spirit that transcends seasons, this gin is born out of a passion for both the classic G&T vibes of summer and the cozy, fireside moments of winter. “As a seasoned gin enthusiast, I wanted to captivate even the most devoted bourbon lover—my husband, Scott. So, I embarked on a journey to create a gin that marries the richness of vanilla with classic juniper notes, providing a perfect companion for those cooler months spent around the fire. Drawing inspiration from cherished family traditions, “To Chai For” Gin is infused with the warmth of spices reminiscent of my Nan’s Ginger Fluff Sponge cake. The result is a harmonious blend of vanilla and spices, delivering a taste that’s not just a gin, but a flavourful experience. Growing up, my mum was an epic cook (and still is!). This has left me with spoilt tastebuds, fuelling my passion for experimenting with flavours in both food and drink. I'm a cake-baking and decorating enthusiast, drawn to making boundary-pushing, unconventional creations.” – Kelly Black, Winner of the Make Your Own Gin Night Award Embrace the seasons with a sip of this small-batch gin crafted from a genuine love for flavours and a commitment to creating memorable moments. Cheers to a gin that’s truly to Chai For! We hope you enjoy this release as much as we loved making it.  Stay tuned for next year's announcement and winner’s release. ABV: 40%Standard Drinks: 15.8 Tasting Notes: It’s the perfect back-and-forth between sweet and tart with a floral freshness in between. Nose: Citrus, piquant spice.Palate: Spiced warming, with hints of citrus and vanilla sneaking through the pungent notes of cardamon, cinnamon and cloves. Overall sweet roundness from the star anise and liquorice root, bonding all the botanicals into a balanced, heart-warming chai spice blend. Ingredients:  Vanilla beans, cardamon, cinnamon, ginger, juniper berries, liquorice root, pink peppercorns, lemon and orange peel, star anise and cloves. Serving Suggestion: It's best enjoyed with soda, tonic water, or ginger beer. Otherwise, it’s a great gin to twist a dirty chai espresso martini or a flip cocktail. Signature Cocktail: Long Chai - Every bottle purchase includes a complimentary tasting card and recipes. This weekend, you can also enjoy one of our two signature cocktails, Kelly’s Sour and the Dirty Chai Martini, at the Gold Coast distillery bar experience.
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Kiki's Sugar Plum Liqueur $95.00
This Granddad Jack’s staff release is for Kailani Hubbard, or best known by her GJ’s family as Kikki. One of the friendliest faces you’ll see around our Gold Coast tasting room, and Queen of creating some of our favourite weekly cocktails. To celebrate her one year, Kikki has created a release that’s as elegant and cheeky as her, combining her love for Umeshu, a Japanese Plum Wine and her passion and talent for ballet. Always smiling and cracking a joke, Kikki has been an incredibly valuable crew member here and we’re stoked to be able to showcase her release and share her story with you through this unique spirit. “From before I could walk, I was dancing, not well but I was. I love the artistry, the athleticism, the elegance, and the structure of ballet. I love how my studio’s wooden floors smelt after a long day of class, having fresh oranges during my concert intervals, and indulging in the dreamiest vanilla slice at the theatre before watching a show. These memories are carefully contained within the flavours of this release! One of the first-ever ballet shows I saw was The Nutcracker, an absolute cult favourite. I used to go during the holidays with my mum, Miss Caroline (my teacher) and Audrey (my dancing little sister). I always looked forward to watching the ‘Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy’, because she always wore the most beautiful tutu and danced to the best song in the show. I truly would dream about dancing like this one day, and thanks to the beautiful people in my life, I got to dance all the time with motivation stemming from the Sugar Plum Fairy; she is a huge reason why I continued to dance for years. So, I really wanted to make a homage to the character through my release. Ironically one of my favourite drinks to have is Plum Wine, a beautiful Japanese liquor known as Umeshu. In an abstract way, I think ballet and Umeshu share similar characteristics such as elegance, balance, and sometimes a bit of tartness, which I wanted to emulate through my release. This doesn’t really mean cheers, but have it in good ballerina spirit, chookas! XOX” - Kailani Hubbard - Mixologist We hope you enjoy this release as much as we loved making it.  ABV: 35% Tasting Notes: It’s the perfect back-and-forth between sweet and tart with a floral freshness in between. Nose: Sweet zest citrus, cut through with floral perfumed notes and a hint of dry, tartness and herbaceous salty hints. Palate: Sweet fleshy orange, with slight hints of tarty Kakadu, notes of perfumed dry lavender and floral jasmine petals, accentuated and rounded by the saltbush and mellowed through a long-lasting mouthfeel provided by the Ume plum sugar. Ingredients:  Lavender, Orange Peel & Flesh, Salt Bush, Vanilla Beans, Kakadu Plums, Ume Plum, Jasmine Buds Serving Suggestion: Best on the rocks, or chilled (not at room temp),  with a lime wedge, or add soda water and mint for a refreshing afternoon drink. Signature Cocktail: Plum Frost Every bottle purchase includes a complimentary tasting card and recipes. You can also enjoy one of our two signature cocktails at the Gold Coast and Brisbane tasting room this weekend, including Sweet Serenity and Velvet Reverie.

Welcome to Granddad Jack's


Granddad Jack's Craft Distillery is the Gold Coast's first and only craft Gin, Vodka, Whiskey & Liqueur distillery located just two minutes walk from North Burleigh beach.

We have proudly won over 100 international and national prestigious awards for our spirits and distillery bars since opening in August 2018 and invite you to join us on a distillery tour or casual visit of our Tasting Room to try for yourself.

Production is on full show to visitors and tours are available over the weekend. We host a private distillery experience each week where you can make your own bottle of gin and enjoy an evening sipping and making gin with our Head Distiller.

We're family-friendly, dog friendly and within walking distance of some amazing local breweries & eateries, so you can make a day of it when you visit our Gold Coast distillery and bar.

Open Thursday to Sunday every week. Walk-ins welcome, bookings recommended.

BYO Food · Dog Friendly · Family Friendly

Welcome to Granddad Jack's


Granddad Jack's Craft Distillery is Brisbane's newest neighbourhood craft Gin, Whiskey, Vodka & Liqueur Distillery located in the industrial backstreets of Albion. Bringing award-winning spirits to the already thriving craft culture in Brisbane, we're passionate about creating the ultimate experience as we create super-premium spirits in memory of our Granddad Jack.

We're very proud to have won multiple prestigious awards since opening our Gold Coast Tasting Room & Distillery in August 2018 and invite you to join us on a tour or visit the Brisbane Tasting Room to try for yourself.

Open Friday to Sunday every week. Walk-ins welcome, bookings recommended.

BYO Food · Dog Friendly · Family Friendly

Welcome Home



Granddad Jack's Craft Distillery presents it's very first Australian Bar Experience located in the heart of Hunter Street, Newcastle.

We invite you to come, sit down and enjoy a drink in your home away from home.

This is a small, city bar with limited seating. Book a table, or chance it with a walk-in.

Open Tuesday to Saturday every week.

BYO Food · Order In

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Founded by the father and son team, David & Luke Ridden, Granddad Jack's Craft Distillery came about from a trip to the USA. The pair discovered and enjoyed community-centric bars that cultivated a sense of community, uniqueness and belonging. With a passion for craft spirits, the trip cemented the idea of launching a neighbourhood-based distillery in honour of their grandfather, Granddad Jack, a man known for his resilience, loyal friendship, integrity, and hard work.

Granddad Jacks Craft Distillery is inspired by his story and driven by the same old-fashioned values and ethos he went through life with.

With two established Queensland distilleries & international expansion into New Zealand, Singapore, Norway, Fiji, Japan, China and North America, our Australian handcrafted spirits are being enjoyed around the world.


At Granddad Jacks, we have one of the most extensive and awarded craft spirits ranges, including three flagship gins, single barrel whiskey, grape-based vodka, the world's best coffee liqueur & two new limited releases every month.

Greenhouse Gin from $30.00
Looking for a smooth and easy-to-drink gin that's perfect for any occasion? Granddad Jack's Greenhouse Gin, also known as our "gateway gin," is a must-try! With a 37.5% ABV, this botanical gin is light and clean and has a gentle botanical list that includes cucumber, rosehip, lemon myrtle, grapefruit peel, and juniper. Our Greenhouse Gin has a relaxed and soothing taste that's perfect for a picnic on the hill or while gardening on a hot summer's day. It's a refreshing gin that's perfect for a Sunday session with friends or family and tastes just like a beachside gin should. If you're new to gin or have had a negative experience with the spirit in the past, our Contemporary Gin is the perfect choice to give it another try. It's a light and refreshing gin that's sure to convert even the most sceptical gin drinkers. So why not try Granddad Jack's Contemporary Gin today and experience the taste of a true Australian gin? Available in 37.5% ABV in Australia, UK, and NZ, and 40% ABV in the USA.ABV: 37.5% (Australia, UK & NZ) 40% (USA) CATEGORY: Contemporary, Botanical. BOTANICAL LIST: Juniper, Grapefruit Peel, Lemon Myrtle, Rose Hip, Cucumber
Two Pencils Gin 500ml from $32.00
Looking for a premium gin experience that's smooth, rich, and full of proper juniper tones? Granddad Jack's Two Pencils Gin is the just-juniper gin you've been craving. This regular gold medal recipient is a must-try for any London Dry enthusiast, with an ABV of 40% and a much-coveted 'just-juniper' flavour. Enhanced with citrus or sweet liqueurs, this gin is the perfect base for any cocktail creation. But if you're a purist at heart, you'll love sipping on this just-juniper gin in a classic G&T with fresh cucumber and ice. ABV: 40%Category: London DryBotanical List: Juniper, Juniper & more Juniper
65 Miles Gin from $34.00
Looking for a gin that's bold and full of flavour? With a 57% ABV, our 65 Miles Gin is exactly that. With a unique blend of botanicals, including juniper, cinnamon, cardamom, clove, orange and star anise, this spice blend is a fierce but worthy assault on the senses.  After 28 iterations, 65 Miles Gin is a full-flavoured experience that whisky lovers and gin enthusiasts will adore. Think spice heat, but not an unfriendly clash with juniper and instead a balanced and beautiful blend that would make the perfect companion for any adventure, whether it's a BBQ with friends or a 65-mile trek in New Zealand. This crowd favourite and gold medal-winning gin is served best with either East Imperial Grapefruit Tonic or Long Rays Pacific Tonic, ice, and a dehydrated orange garnish. And for those who are up to the challenge, you can even try sipping it over ice. So why not sit down, sip, and savour the perfect blend of heat, spice and juniper? It's sure to impress and delight even the most discerning gin enthusiasts.  ABV: 57% Category: Navy-StrengthBotanical List: Juniper, Cardamom, Star Anise, Cinnamon, Clove, Orange Peel  
Barbershop Coffee Liqueur $70.00
Granddad Jack's Barbershop Coffee Liqueur is a delightfully delicious liqueur made using locally sourced coffee from Burleigh Head's based roaster, Social Espresso. Infused with Coconut, Vanilla, Eucalyptus, and Cinnamon.  This liqueur won a Double Gold Medal and the title of "World's Best Coffee Liqueur" at the San Francisco World Spirits Awards and has continued to be a regular gold and double gold medal recipient.Carefully crafted, distilled, bottled, labelled and waxed by our family, this coffee liqueur has a smooth and rich flavour that is perfect for sipping or mixing into cocktails. The locally sourced coffee gives it a unique flavour profile that is both bold and smooth. At the same time, the infusion of coconut, vanilla, eucalyptus, and cinnamon creates a subtle sweetness and depth of flavour. The result is a truly exceptional coffee liqueur that has won over judges and drinkers alike. So whether you're a coffee lover or simply looking for a delicious new liqueur to try, indulge in the World's Best Coffee Liqueur and enjoy Granddad Jack's Barbershop Coffee Liqueur. It's a must-have addition to any home bar.  Appreciate the taste of a true Australian coffee liqueur, and enjoy it as a velvety nightcap, in an espresso martini, or simply on the rocks. Try it today and experience the award-winning taste of Granddad Jack's Barbershop Coffee Liqueur. ABV: 25%Category: Coffee LiqueurIngredients: Coffee, Coconut, Vanilla, Eucalyptus, Cinnamon

Single barrel


Granddad Jack loved whiskey and enjoyed one 'neat' every day. He believed that "all great spirits should be drunk neat", and we make sure all of our single-barrel whiskey releases meet those standards.

Shop online or visit your local Granddad Jack's distillery for a premium Australian whiskey experience.


Granddad Jack loved whiskey and enjoyed one 'neat' every day. He believed that "all great spirits should be drunk neat", and we make sure all of our single-barrel whiskey releases meet those standards.


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