Piña Colada Gin $95.00
Granddad Jack’s Piña Colada Gin is a limited edition nod to everyone’s favourite beach side cocktail. We’ve put our own gin-spin on this release, while incorporating a tropical conga line of traditional Piña Colada flavours. Coconut Cream, Pineapple, Coconut, Coconut Cookies, Molasses and Juniper are perfectly balanced, creating a naturally sweet, creamy and slightly cloudy character that will have your taste buds doing the limbo. At a smooth 40% proof, this gin is just right for mixing up your go-to Piña Colada or for a laid-back, on-the-rocks experience, ideally with your toes in the sand. Get your sunnies, grab a bottle of this summery seaside sipper, and get ready to stir, shake or simply sip your way to a first-class tropical gin getaway. Release Date: 31st January 2024 ABV: 40% Tasting Notes: Nose: Coconut, pine, sweet candied fruit & biscuit. Palate: Sweet & creamy coconut. Long lasting mouthfeel of candied pineapple with heat-warming molasses, a biscuity roundness cut through with a dry hint from the juniper. Ingredients: Pineapple Pieces, Coconut Cookies, Coconut Cream, Desiccated Coconut, Molasses, Juniper Serving Suggestion: Best served on the rocks with a lime wedge, in a classic Piña Colada or with a lightly sparkling tonic.  Signature Cocktail: & Getting Caught in the Rain (try it at your local tasting room, or at home). Every bottle purchase includes a complimentary tasting card and recipes. 
Fruit Mince Pie Liqueur $95.00
Experience the magic of the season with Nanna’s Fruit Mince Pie Liqueur. Crafted with meticulous care and inspired by the timeless Christmas spirit, this liqueur captures the essence of traditional fruit mince pies in a delightful, sippable form. A harmonious blend of jammy, stewed fruit, and subtle orange zest unfolds into a sweet, spiced medley, leaving you with a delightful hint of cinnamon. Savour the warmth of tradition by enjoying this release neat, over ice, or get creative by pairing it with custard, eggnog, or mixing it with lemonade for a holiday twist. Toast to the festive spirit with each sip of Nanna’s Limited Fruit Mince Pie Liqueur – an exquisite fusion of Christmas, flavour & cherished moments. We hope you love this release as much as we loved creating it.  Release Date: 7th December 2023 ABV: 35% Tasting Notes: Nose: Jammy, stewed fruit and slightly orange zesty followed by warm spice. Palate: Sweet, warming spice note, followed by a stewed dried fruit mix and a piquant cinnamon finish. Ingredients: Fruit Mince Pies, Dried Fruit Mix, Fruit Mince, Brown Sugar.  Serving Suggestion: Keep it simple, and enjoy on the rocks, pour a dash into the custard or eggnog, or serve with lemonade for a sweet mixed drink.  Signature Cocktail: Fruit Mince-Mosa (try it at your local tasting room, or at home). Every bottle purchase includes a complimentary tasting card and recipes. 
Pavlova Gin 2023 $95.00
Returning for the fifth year, this seasonal release Pavlova Gin is sure to be a welcome guest at the dessert table.  Inspired by a traditional Summer Christmas staple, the classic Pavlova! Think meringue, vanilla, passionfruit, kiwi fruit, strawberries, cream & juniper. Get your friends and family into this Christmas spirit... pour a dash into the cream for a boozy Pavlova or create a jug with fresh fruits & lemonade or soda to share.  We've created the ultimate Christmas Gin and a list of recipes for you to try this festive season. Get amongst it before it's gone. We hope you love this release as much as we loved creating it.  Release Date: 16th November 2023 ABV: 40% Tasting Notes: Nose: Sweet vanilla and cream, fresh kiwi fruit peel.  Palate: Creamy vanilla and sugary liquorice with meringue hints, followed by crisp kiwi and passionfruit tangy notes. Rounded with sweet cream and fresh fruit, leaving a lingering juniper dry finish. Ingredients: Meringue, Juniper, Strawberry, Kiwi, Vanilla, Brown Sugar, Liquorice Root, Cream, Passionfruit. Serving Suggestion: Best served with an Indian tonic or simple soda and fresh fruit, or to punch up your favourite sparkling wine as a spritz, with gin, ice, wine, and fresh fruit. Signature Cocktail: Extra Pav Sour (try it at your local tasting room, or at home). Every bottle purchase includes a complimentary tasting card and recipes. 
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Kate's It's Not Tequila $95.00
This Granddad Jack’s staff release is for Kate Lawler. You'll rarely see Kate on socials or when you visit the Tasting Room because we keep her locked away... just kidding. Kate's one of the most important people at Granddad Jack's and is responsible for replying to your emails and paying the bills. She is the Group Admin Manager and looks after all of the administration and accounts for the business. Thanks for doing the important stuff Kate. Cheers to you and your one-year anniversary, we appreciate you.  “For my staff release, I wanted to create something we haven’t done at Granddad Jack’s before, inspired by my favourite spirit - tequila. I’ll keep it short and sweet (unlike myself), there’s no deep and meaningful story behind this one. This Agave Spirit marks the milestone of not being fired after one year – let’s cheers to that!” - Kate Lawler - Group Administration Manager We hope you enjoy this release as much as we loved making it.  ABV: 40% Tasting Notes: Overall, a smooth, slightly spiced and earthy character agave spirit.Nose: Citrus, leathery, herbal and hints of olives Palate: Exotic spices, anise, tobacco and dark chocolate Ingredients: Blue Agave Tequilana Syrup Production: Kate's It’s Not Tequila is a unique and refined spirit crafted from organic Blue Agave Tequilana syrup from Jalisco, Mexico. This clear/silver agave spirit breaks away from traditional tequila production methods. Due to limited facilities for processing the agave plant, we have fermented the agave extract rather than the piña. This resulted in an exceptionally smooth, silver, and bold spirit.
Rum Division Single Barrel $295.00
This release is our very first Rum. Housed in our SE Qld barrel room in sub-tropical environments and aged for 2 years and 1 month in a 50L medium char American Oak barrel, this single barrel rum release was made from a pre-maturation blend of distilled molasses (74%) and unrefined cane sugar, known as distilled panela (26%). This blend created the perfect balance of light and grassy notes and bold and bitter notes from the molasses.  During the ageing process, 39% of the total starting volume was shared with the angels, resulting in a concentrated mixture of barrel spice and sweet rum. Reduced to 43% ABV, there are only 96 bottles available.   Nose: American Whiskey, Toffee Apple, Stewed Fruit, Nutmeg and Clove Palate: Smooth Vanilla, Cinnamon, Golden Crust of an Apple Pie Packaging: Hand packed by us, each bottle is individually wrapped and waxed with the pieces you need to find our hidden treasure. Then, your bottle is carefully packed into a handcrafted leather pouch that can be cherished for years to come and reused often. Each purchase includes everything you need to enjoy the Rum in our signature cocktail and includes: 2 x Crystal Cut Tall Glasses 1 x Desert Sand Syrup Dust (to create the cocktail syrup) 4 x Garnishes to make up to four cocktails 2 x Coasters Tasting Card and Cocktail Recipe
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Biscoffin' It Down $95.00
Introducing Biscoffin' It Down Liqueur. A truly exceptional and iconic spirit that combines the beloved Biscoff biscuit and spread with a high-quality vodka base. Crafted with precision through meticulous distillation and enriched with a scrumptious biscuit reduction, this liqueur is a delicious way to cap off your evening. Biscoffin’ It Down Liqueur effortlessly blends with classic cocktails like an Irish Coffee or a Biscoff Espresso Martini, creating an irresistible treat for your taste buds. Immerse yourself in the enchantment of this liqueur, a harmonious fusion of globally renowned flavours that promises to satisfy your cravings and elevate your cocktail experience to new heights. Cheers to the sweet indulgence of Biscoffin’ It Down!  We hope you love this release as much as we loved creating it.  ABV: 37% Tasting Notes: Nose: Sweet, creamy, biscuity, with a hint of cinnamon.  Palate: Butterscotch, toffee, with a mouthfeel of biscuits, brown sugar, and a slight cinnamon spice warmth.  Ingredients: Biscoff Biscuits, Biscoff Spread, Vodka Serving Suggestion: Best served on the rocks, with a splash of milk, coffee liqueur and/or espresso shot, and vanilla ice cream like an affogato. Signature Cocktail: Biscoff Espresso (try it at your local tasting room, or at home). Every bottle purchase includes a complimentary tasting card with the recipe. 
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Granddad's Amaro $70.00
In the aftermath of the 2022 Brisbane Flood, our neighbours, ‘Cuttings Wines’, faced a catastrophic loss - hundreds of thousands of wine bottles rendered unsaleable. From tragedy rose collaboration, and thus, this sophisticated caramel Amaro was born. Together, we re-distilled the wine, crafting this Italian-inspired Amaro. For centuries, Amaro has been cherished, not just as a liqueur but as a symbol of unity, love, and the indomitable spirit of hospitality. Often dubbed ‘Granddad’s Drink,’ Amaro embodies the essence of communal strength and resilience. In crafting this bitter, caramel liqueur, we pay homage to those values, reminding everyone that together, we can navigate and overcome any challenge that life throws at us. We’ll drink to that.We hope you enjoy this release as much as we loved making it.  ABV: 30% Tasting Notes: Nose: Herbaceous, sweet with an earthy bitterness.  Palate: Smooth caramel and crème brulé, culminating in an earthy bitter finish.  Ingredients: Vanilla Bean, Liquorice Root, Orris Root, Angelica Root, All Spice, Coriander, Juniper, Orange Peel, Saffron, Toasted Coconut, Black Pepper, Caraway, Wormwood, Thyme, Caramel ReductionServing suggestions: Enjoy these four Amaro cocktails
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Ekka Strawberry Sundae Gin $95.00
Indulge in the nostalgia of the beloved Ekka classic with our unique take on this cult favourite - the Ekka Strawberry Sundae Gin. Macerated fresh strawberries and luscious strawberry jam intertwine with aromatic vanilla beans, creating a symphony of sweet and fruity notes. Vapour-infused dehydrated strawberries, k-time strawberry cheesecake bar, and juniper berries elevate the experience, transporting you back to cherished Ekka memories. Savour the spirit of the Ekka with each sip, relishing the joyous nostalgia and celebrating cherished traditions. Enjoy this handcrafted gin responsibly and raise your glass to the timeless flavours of the Ekka strawberry sundae. This deliciously complex drink is perfect for enjoying as a mixer with a premium tonic & citrus garnish or in our complex milk punch cocktail.We hope you love this release as much as we loved creating it (and enjoying all of the content props).  ABV: 40% Tasting Notes: Overall, this release is sweet and dessert-like but has a gin-worthy ABV of 40%.Nose: Sweet, jammy and slightly fragrant. Palate: Mouthcoating creamy and viscous strawberry jam, hints of piney juniper, sweetened and balanced out with the warmth of vanilla beans.  Ingredients: Fresh strawberries, strawberry ham, vanilla beans, dehydrated strawberries, K-Time Strawberry Cheesecake bar, Juniper.  Production: To create the Ekka Strawberry Sundae Gin we took inspiration from the delicious Ekka sundae.  Our production Queen, Mica, worked on the recipe to showcase all of the flavours. We used stewed and fresh strawberries, vanilla beans & juniper. We vapour-infused dehydrated strawberries and then added our special ingredient, the K-Time Strawberry Cheesecake bar to bring the waffle cone and biscuity flavour the sundae is renowned for. Public Release Date: Thursday, 3rd August 2023 (Sign up to our newsletter for access to Granddad Jack's pre-releases). Very limited retail bottles are available.
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S'more Please $95.00
 At Granddad Jack's, staff mark their first anniversary by being given the opportunity to work alongside the production team to think up and create their very own spirit. The release is entirely their own, from concept to choosing the botanicals, putting together the label, distilling the product and sharing their story. But, when your family, this doesn’t usually apply… Luke wanted to surprise his partner Jess with her very own release this year since she’s been with Granddad’s well before it opened five years ago.    Jess is our Marketing Manager & Brand Guardian. She has been working in the family business since its conception in 2018, with her role continuously evolving and developing with the brand. She’s a mum to their two boys, 4.5yr old Archer and 5-month-old Arlo, and currently looks after all of the marketing for Granddad Jack’s. Her diverse role includes everything from managing our digital media & design, socials & content creation, website development, copywriting, planning events & activations, managing new product development & limited releases, operations, procurement, cost management and freight & communication with our export partners. Over the years, she’s developed processes across the business, worked in the warehouse, looked after admin and finance and handled all of the customer service for the business. So, if you message us on socials, receive an email (including this one), visit the website, attend any events, or see any of our content (especially with hands or props), Jess is one of the two-person marketing team making it all happen behind the scenes. We're so excited to be able to share her story with you and introduce this special limited staff release. To create this release, Jess worked with Luke to create a cheeky alcoholic version of her favourite campfire treat. The base, a marshmallow essence that carries a slight smokiness. Next, a drizzle of honey and a pinch of cinnamon strikes the right balance and conjures the taste of crunchy, buttery graham crackers. Lastly, strong notes of rich cocoa, paired with a hint of vanilla, add a creamy sweetness that imitates the molten chocolate that binds all of the gooey goodness.  “Growing up, the best stories and tastiest treats always seemed to come when sitting by a fire. Whether we were on a camping trip, making bonfires with Nan & Pop down the block, or cozied up by the fireplace - a crackling fire, a stick, and a bag of marshmallows were all we needed for a stellar evening. It felt like time would slow, and worries would fade. It’s that same toasty magic and warmth that we’ve bottled up in my very own staff release as a tribute to my most cherished childhood memories. With every sip, I hope you’re transported to a place of warmth, laughter, and a touch of marshmallowy mischief. This toasty tipple makes a cozy campfire companion and is a spirit  that will leave you asking S’more Please.” - Jess Hartley, Marketing Manager There’s no wrong way to enjoy s’mores, and this spirit is no exception. Enjoy with Long Rays Pacific Tonic, with Coke or Pepsi, make a hot or cold chocolate with your favourite milk or try our signature cocktail, Toasty Tipple.  Ingredients: Chocolate, Malt Biscuits, Marshmallows, Sugar Syrup ABV: 35%
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Milo Spirit $95.00
The Gold Coast Tasting Room limited-release Milo Spirit is the second limited release in the Granddad Jack’s Nostalgia Project. This release is our take on the well-known Aussie staple, Milo. Made with Milo Powder, Malt Extract, Manuka Honey, Milo Cereal and Vanilla Beans, this liquid is surprisingly clear but incredibly moreish and a straight drop of liquid nostalgia. If you grew up in Australia or had any good mate bring you back a true Aussie souvenir from their travels, you’ll know the chocolaty malty goodness we’re talking about and why we had to make this spirit happen. Enjoy this boozy beverage in our Milo Milkshake with vanilla ice cream or a classic G&T with Long Rays Native Tonic and a dehydrated orange and burnt cinnamon stick to garnish.Nose: Sweet, Malty MiloPalate: If you had a dream to make Milo colourless and boozy, this would be it.Signature cocktail: Milo Milkshake (each purchase includes a complimentary tasting card and cocktail recipe)Available from: Friday, 20th January 2023 - 3pm from the Gold Coast Tasting Room only. All orders will be processed and available for pickup after the release date. Please check your inbox for tracking and order updates. 
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Musk Gin Liqueur $90.00
Granddad Jack’s Musk Gin Liqueur pays homage to the classic Australian candy, the Musk Stick. A fan favourite at the local milk bar and school tuckshop, the musk stick brings back the best childhood memories. They could be licked, softened and shaped into stabbing points for jabbing your friends. Yes, you read that right. Didn’t you have the same childhood memory?To make the Musk Gin Liqueur, we dissolved (and ate) a sh*t tonne of musks sticks in a specifically curated gin to create the perfect balance of boozy and fun. After two weeks, the musk sticks had dissolved into the gin, leaving their classic pink colour, and the spirit was filtered to create a consistent mouthfeel throughout the batch. Tasting Notes:  Musk Gin Liqueur tastes of pure nostalgia and smells just like it should; sweet, sweet musk sticks. Available: 13th May 2022, while stocks last and only from the Brisbane Tasting Room or Australia-Wide Shipping. Select the option at checkout. 
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Adventures of Peanut & Bean $90.00
At Granddad Jack's, to celebrate our staff on their one year anniversary they're given the opportunity to create their very own spirit. From choosing their own botanicals, putting together the label to distilling the product, the release is entirely their own.Tyson has chosen to release a liqueur that reflects who he is and the places he has been. In honour of his one year anniversary and to celebrate his new role in the business, we release The Adventures of Peanut & Bean. 🥜 +☕ +🍫Peanut butter, coffee, chocolate & our Penny Vodka makes for the perfect combination to enjoy this liqueur on the rocks or to booze up a moist, freshly baked dessert with vanilla ice cream. This liqueur won’t disappoint in classic cocktails like the Espresso Martini or Toblerone."The Adventures of Peanut & Bean Liqueur is inspired by my travels to Chile, Nepal & North America. It incorporates three of my travelling essentials, Peanut Butter - for a good ol' PB sanga, Coffee - even if it's in a teabag & tastes more earthy than the bottom of your shoes & Chocolate - because dessert." - Tyson Aldous, Creative Director Ingredients: Peanut Butter, Coffee, Chocolate, Penny VodkaABV: 25%This product contains nuts and dairy. We do not use any preservatives, therefore the liqueur will last up to 12 months after opening.  All orders will be ready for pickup or delivery from Friday, 25th February 2022. Where shipping is required, orders will be shipped the following business day.   
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