'Mr Everywhere' Gin - A Toast to Matt Schneider

Celebrating the indomitable spirit of Matt Schneider, the 'Mr Everywhere' Gin encapsulates life's zest and intricate tales. Dive into the depths of its earthy warmth and dance with flavours from zesty orange to dark chocolate, all leading to our signature cocktail - Be Fierce. Here's a toast to memories and an extraordinary journey.
'Mr Everywhere' Gin - A Toast to Matt Schneider - Granddad Jack's Craft Distillery

'Mr Everywhere' Gin - A Toast to Matt Schneider

In a world where every drop tells a story, our latest limited release, the ‘Mr Everywhere’ gin, encapsulates an essence beyond mere flavour. It celebrates a man whose vivacious spirit became an embodiment of the Gold Coast's zest for life, the inimitable Matt Schneider. His relentless pursuit of authenticity, vibrancy, and determination became the bedrock of inspiration behind every sip of this unique gin.

The Essence Behind 'Mr Everywhere' Gin

Collaborating closely with Matt's loved ones, the creation of this gin was a journey of memories, laughter, and shared anecdotes. Each botanical and note pays homage to facets of Matt’s persona. Its foundation of juniper, wormwood, orris root, and wattle seed paints a complex tapestry - as intricate and captivating as the man himself.

Nose: An inviting earthy warmth, like a reassuring embrace.
Palate: A dance of flavours from zesty orange to dark chocolate, rounded off with the toasted nuances of roasted cereal.

More than just a beverage, it's a tale distilled. Whether you find solace by the beach with the sun gently kissing your skin, or prefer the embrace of mountain winds as you cozy around a fire, ‘Mr Everywhere’ is the companion you didn't know you were missing.

Signature Cocktail - Be Fierce

A drink that mirrors the vibrant tapestry of Matt's life, Be Fierce is not just a cocktail, but an experience.


  • 60ml Mr Everywhere Gin
  • 10ml Wattle Seed Caramelo
  • 20ml Oleo Saccharum Orange Water With Sea Salt
  • 4 Dashes Of Angostura Bitters
  • Edible Flower & Postal Stamp For Garnish


  1. In a mixing glass, combine Mr Everywhere Gin, Wattle Seed Caramelo, Oleo Saccharum Orange Water, and Angostura Bitters.
  2. Add ice and stir diligently.
  3. Strain this blend into a tumbler glass cradling an ice rock.
  4. Garnish artfully with an edible flower and a postal stamp, adding a unique touch to your drink.

Creating the Essence: For those eager to delve into the heart of 'Be Fierce', crafting the Wattle Seed Caramelo and Oleo Saccharum Orange Water with Sea Salt is an adventure in itself. The caramel's balance between bitterness and tartness, combined with the refreshing zest of the orange oleo, is a testament to the contrasting facets of life, harmoniously coming together.

Raising a Glass to Matt

In crafting the 'Mr Everywhere' Gin and its signature cocktail, Be Fierce, we're not merely celebrating the life of Matt Schneider but ensuring that his spirit lives on. Here's to memories, love, laughter, and a gin that stands as a testament to an incredible journey. Cheers to you, Matt, may you always be everywhere in our hearts.

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