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Mica's Moonshine (February 2020)

Mica's Moonshine (February 2020).
Mica's Moonshine (February 2020).
Mica's Moonshine (February 2020).
Mica's Moonshine (February 2020).
Mica's Moonshine (February 2020).
Mica's Moonshine (February 2020).
Mica's Moonshine (February 2020).
Mica's Moonshine (February 2020).
Mica's Moonshine (February 2020).
Mica's Moonshine (February 2020).
Product image 1Mica's Moonshine (February 2020).
Product image 2Mica's Moonshine (February 2020).
Product image 3Mica's Moonshine (February 2020).
Product image 4Mica's Moonshine (February 2020).
Product image 5Mica's Moonshine (February 2020).
Product image 6Mica's Moonshine (February 2020).
Product image 7Mica's Moonshine (February 2020).
Product image 8Mica's Moonshine (February 2020).
Product image 9Mica's Moonshine (February 2020).
Product image 10Mica's Moonshine (February 2020).

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Last Call, The Nobel Experiment 

ABV: 43%

Size: 500ml

Release Date: February 2020

This is a very special release for our amazing Mixologist and Brand Ambassador, Mica! We celebrate her 1 year at Granddad Jack's Craft Distillery by creating her very own limited release. Watch the story here:

Tasting Notes: This exclusive one-off elixir is made using Black Hops Hornet Beer infused with blueberries & vanilla bean, distilled into an exquisite, fruity moonshine. It comes with a lightly charred American Oak Cork for you to create your own 'flavour' adventure with. 

Begin your adventure: Replace the cap with the American Oak Cork and this fruity moonshine will start evolving into different flavours. Have fun, experiment by leaving the cork in for as long or as little as you like. Experience the different tastes this elixir takes on and enjoy the ride till the end of the bottle. 

"As a mixologist, I love experimenting and creating drinks for people to enjoy, especially when people say, 'surprise me!'. The main goal with this, my first distillation, was to surprise you by making a spirit that changes, like the seasons, like your moods, like fashion, like you, like me... but the true essence within remains. This is an experiment that I started and I want you to continue to enjoy."


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