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Golden Oats Moonshine

Granddad Jack's Craft Distillery 500ml Bottle Golden Oats Moonshine
Granddad Jack's Craft Distillery 500ml Bottle Golden Oats Moonshine
Product image 1Granddad Jack's Craft Distillery 500ml Bottle Golden Oats Moonshine
Product image 2Granddad Jack's Craft Distillery 500ml Bottle Golden Oats Moonshine

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Our Golden Oats Moonshine is inspired by the classic Aussie & Kiwi favourite, ‘The ANZAC Bikkie’. The idea of turning this flavour into a one-off limited release originated from one of our Club-54 members and all-around legend, Erick Bonilla, who pushed the project to us at every opportunity. Damn, he was right and what a release it’s turned out to be!

Our production Queen Mica Mansfield spent weeks learning specialty fermentation techniques to craft the perfect base for the concoction & worked closely with Erick on flavour profiles. She decided on a molasses-based fermentation, similar to Rum. Then during distillation, she infused the spirit with Toasted Coconut, Rolled Oats and Golden Syrup. Once the spirit was ready for dilution, we needed to bless it with buttery goodness and the sweet finish of a true ANZAC biscuit. Mica did this using two techniques:

1. Back sweetening by making a little syrup addition from brown sugar, golden syrup, vanilla and coconut; and by

2. Fat-washing the spirit with ghee. Fat-washing is an old perfumer’s technique of infusing something oily into retail smells and flavours; however, in spirits, it also builds and holds body and texture, creating a whole new drinking experience. Once the fat has infused, it can be frozen and removed from the liquid.

We hope you enjoy this childhood-inspired moonshine as much as we loved making it.

Serving suggestions from our Creative Drinks Specialist & Production Assistant, Mica!

This delicious moonshine can be enjoyed on the rocks, or pairs perfectly with ginger beer. You can try it in a Dark & Stormy style cocktail or in our signature ANZAC Biscuit Eggnog recipe. You can also enjoy the soldiers' breakfast to warm you up with rum & milk concoctions & serve with freshly baked ANZAC biscuits. Yum!

Each bottle purchase includes a complimentary tasting card with the recipe to try at home and share with friends! 


Available: 24th June 2022, while stocks last and only from the Brisbane Tasting Room or Australia-Wide Shipping. Select the option at checkout & our epic team will get your order ready.

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